Wholesale High Quality Corn Gluten Meal 60% Protein Feed Pig Cattle Chicken

Wholesale High Quality Corn Gluten Meal 60% Protein Feed Pig Cattle Chicken

This 60% protein high quality corn gluten meal is a by-product of corn grain produced by the food industry. Its protein content is as high as 60%, and it has special corn flavor and golden color.This wholesale high quality corn gluten meal is cheap compared with commonly used food such as fish meal and soybean cake, and the advantages of resources are obvious, and the feeding value is high.This high portein corn gluten powder is suitable for all animals to be fed, and it works better with fish powder.Before the delivery of our lab, every shipment should be carefully inspected, please feel free to purchase!

Product Details

Wholesale high quality corn gluten meal 60% protein feed pig cattle chicken

1. Product introduction of the 60% protein high quality corn gluten meal

This high quality corn gluten meal with high protein content, rich in amino acids and natural yellow pigment, can be used to substitute soybean cake, fish meal and other protein feed in the feed market of soybean cake and fish meal.This wholesale high quality corn gluten meal is rich in protein, no side effects, it is the feed raw material with high value.Our corn gluten is a good animal feed additive in the livestock and feed industry.


2.Product parameter(specification) of the wholesale high quality corn gluten meal


Corn Gluten Meal

Protein Content (dry basis)




Moisture (dry basis)

12% max

12% max

12% max

Crude Fat (dry basis)

10% max

8% max

5% max

Crude Fiber (dry basis)

5% max

4% max

3% max

Crude Ash (dry basis)

4% max

3% max

3% max


180mg/g min

3. Product feature and application of the wholesale high protein meal-corn gluten powder

Feature of this wholesale high protein meal

1) high protein content

2) rich in amino acids and natural yellow pigment

3) low price and high cost performance

4) good mouth, easy to digest

5) fast growth

6) it contains unknown growth factors, which can significantly improve the performance of animals


Application of this wholesale 60%  protein corn gluten meal

It is suitable for feeding all animals,especially Pigs, cattle and sheep,Chickens, ducks ,geese and other livestock.

Cattle feed high quality corn gluten meal:

Using corn protein powder as a fine feed for cattle, some proteins that cannot be digested by the stomach can be digested and absorbed better in the small intestine.

Pig feed high quality corn gluten meal:

Corn protein powder protein content high and low is directly related to the apparent digestion can value with pigs, suitable proportion of energy and protein and essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids, the balance of the raw materials have higher energy digestibility and protein content is added on the basis of pig feed different corn protein powder(northeast of CP: 52%, 47.4%, 32%) in Beijing, tian increase 20%, 25% and 30%, respectively, for determining the pig can digest, the test results show that 32% crude protein content of corn protein powder can apparent digestion is higher, the reason may be that the proportion of energy and protein is good.

Chicken feed high quality corn gluten meal:

Corn protein powder contains linoleic acid, which promotes the fat metabolism of chicken and promotes the polymerization of essential amino acids.The egg chicken with corn protein powder can increase the egg rate by about 15%.The prevention of chondrosis of chicken and other diseases can promote the growth of health and improve egg protein quality.

Chicken coloring

Although the chicken skin of chromaticity has nothing to do with its nutritional value, but because of the influence of traditional culture, the broad masses of consumers and producers will chicken goods the chromaticity as one of the main indicators of quality of chicken products, directly affect the price of poultry market and demand.Chicken itself cannot synthesize lutein, can only be obtained from the feed, in order to get the ideal, though generally is added in the poultry feed plus beautiful red, and beautiful yellow wait for chemical synthetic colorants, such colorants price is higher, after adding increase feed costs, and residual in animal body.The flavin content of maize protein is as high as 90-180mg/kg, which is more than 5 times that of yellow maize. It can be absorbed effectively and can make the eggs golden yellow, which can make chicken skin yellow.The price of corn protein powder is close to the price of the soyabean, which, given the fact, can be used to improve the colour of the chicken with the use of corn protein powder added asexic acid instead of chemical synthesis.

4.Product qualification of the wholesale 60%  protein corn gluten meal


As one of the leading high quality animal feed china supplier and china high protein animal feed supplier, top international brands have been committed to the production of animal feed products and enjoy a high reputation since 1997.We supply animal feed with excellent performance, high quality and low price.Before leaving our factory, our lab and China commodity inspection bureau will strictly inspect our products to ensure that our customers are satisfied with each batch of our goods.

5. Deliver,shipping and serving of the corn gluten meal china supplier 

1) packing: solid products: paper plastic compound bags, 25 kg/bag or 50 kg per woven bag, we can design and print according to your requirements.

Liquid products: 25kg/barrel or 200kg/pail or as required

2) storage: solid products: 12 months under cool and dry conditions.

Liquid products: in cool dry place for 6 months or less.

Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.Please use the packing before it is opened.If not fully used, the packing should be sealed.

3) payment: the term is irrevocable sight l/c or wire transfer (payment of 30% deposit, and 70% balance of the scanned bill of lading).

4) delivery date: confirm the delivery after the contract of 15-20 days

5) loading port: Qingdao, China sea or demand.


Our Services:

1) Cooperate with research institutions, we strictly control the process from raw material to finished product.

2) The customer comes first, we provide reasonable price, high quality product and prompt shipment.

3) We can send the goods to your delivery address directly. It is relatively safe and fast. We have ready goods in stock.

4) Quick and clear response to customers questions.

  Warm after sale service, we will help to solve the problems in your usage.

5) We could make our price discount if you place a substantial order with us.

6. FAQ

Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

Answer: Yes, we are factory as high quality blood meal supplier

Q2: How to contact with us?

Click the "Contact US" And then send us message the product you interest in, you will get reply within 24 hours. 

Q3:Which kind of payment terms do you accept?

For small order,you can pay by T/T,Western Union or Paypal,normal order by T/T to our company account 

Q4:Can you give me a discount price?

Surely,It depend on your quantity.

7. Latest news

The domestic fishmeal is gradually accepted by the feed enterprises

According to a report in the China feed industry information network channel fish meal, with the quality of the domestic fish meal is rising, the domestic animal husbandry enterprises, especially in large-scale animal husbandry enterprise of domestic fish meal also acknowledge and accept the increasingly higher.The domestic large-scale aquatic products enterprise and the livestock enterprise adopt domestic fishmeal to import fish meal to combine the buying method, purchase domestic fish meal to occupy a large proportion.This has to do with our domestic fishmeal enterprises to start to work hard, rapid development.We believe that in the near future, our domestic fishmeal factory will be bigger and bigger.Perhaps one day, to be able to stand in a new height, with Peruvian fishmeal.

If you are interested in our wholesale high quality corn gluten meal 60% protein feed pig cattle chicken, please be free to place an order with our factory. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. High-quality products, low and cheap price, and the best service can be assured.