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Meat and Bone Meal FEED

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Meat and Bone Meal FEED

Specification of meat and bone meal MBM

Meat and bone meal for poultry feed is produced by advanced equipment and through scientific processing technology. Use steam to heat gush and puff. And also use high temperature to kill bacteria. It makes long-chain organic matter who is not easily absorbed split into short-chain easily absorbed organic matter. Thus, the item can improve greatly palatability and absorptivity for animals.


◆Tawny, rich flavor, strong feeding attraction, great palatability and high absorptivity;
◆High energy、high protein;
◆Rich in vitamins and trace elements of potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc etc;
◆The price is low, can replace part of fish meal and soybean meal, which can not only reduce the cost of feed, and also can effectively improve the quality of the product; 

Varieties of Amino Acid content


Nutrition ingredient of our meat and bone meal for poultry feeding  


Crude Ash25% 

Crude Fat7.5 %




Application range
◎ Livestock、poultry and aquaculture

Packaging from we meat and bone meal manufactur

◆Outer woven bag, double packing lined with plastic film bags.
Protein content is 50% - 55%, Phosphorus 4%, Calcium 9%, Crude Fat 6%~12%, Crude Fibre 2.5%~3.5%, Methionine 0.7%~1.0% and Lysine 1.6%~2.8%.
Materials for our produced Born Meal mainly from: leftovers、 meat scraps、 meat residue、arms and legs from Abattoir; expired meat which can not be eaten from Meat Processing;
Expired fish and meat from Refrigeration Plant; Not processed original skin cutting edge materials of different livestocks from Tannery ; Leftovers with meat and skin picked up by Bone Glue Factory; Animal bodies died to death due to cold weather in prairie. The raw materials for making bone meal by our factory is from a long-term stable supplier. Because of different materials, the physicochemical parameter of born meal is also different. Normally Protein content is 50% - 55%, Phosphorus 4%, Calcium 8%, Crude Fat 6%~12%, Crude Fibre 2.5%~3.5%, Methionine 0.7%~1.0% and Lysine 1.6%~2.8%. Quality index of born meal produced by Golden Apple Company can match that of born meal imported from USA. But its price is lower than imported one. And high safety, fresh materials, no corruption and deterioration. Also it passes many times of high temperature under process, which can effectively kill bacteria. High absorptivity. Raw materials will be selected after entering plant, without skin、hair、horn、blood etc. 
Our meat and bone meal  is produced under advanced technology of using steam to heat gush and puff, which can reduce cost. The product price is cheap and it is good source of quality protein. It can instead of some other materials containing Calcium and Phosphorus in feed, which can improve feed quality and cut cost at the same time.

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