Wholesale Pure Chicken Powder Animal Protein Powder Pig Food From China Feed Supplier

Wholesale Pure Chicken Powder Animal Protein Powder Pig Food From China Feed Supplier

Pure chicken powder animal protein powder is made from pure chicken dry, without adding edible pigments and additives. Rich in poulty need to grow and amino acids, low fat, low quantity of heat, suitable for growing pig to eat.It has a high toughness and good taste. It is your pig's favorite.Its efficacy is equal to that of chicken granules, which are more digestible and absorbed than it is, and are more suitable for food. With good nutrition and economic chicken powder, when have dinner in the dog food with a stir, then you will see my dogs voracious, at the same time can also mix in dogs usually do not love to eat vegetables, nutrition and health... We only use products to speak, looking forward to cooperating with you!

Product Details

Wholesale pure chicken powder animal protein powder pet food from China feed supplier

1.Product introduction of the pure chicken powder animal protein powder

The pure chicken powder animal protein powder is the use of advanced equipment, through the scientific process, for cooking. Hot spray. Puffing, high temperature sterilization, hydrolysis, the supplies of long chain is not easy to absorb organic matter pyrolysis for short chain easy to absorb organic matter and greatly improve the palatability of the animal and the absorption rate.The process of production is to steam the raw materials. Degreasing. Hydrolysis. Sterilization. Closed drying. Crushing. Packaging.Raw materials are the by-products of slaughterhouse of livestock and poultry, chicken neck skin, chest skin, subcutaneously crushed meat. Chicken tail. Undeveloped egg, etc., and phase elimination of non-sick chicken.

Meat full-bodied fragrance, color light yellow, can be used for all kinds of animal feed, aquatic feed, etc., to supplement the animal protein source, choose the main reason for the source of animal protein is its digestible essential amino acid content and ideal animal protein needs cooperation degree, suitable for single use.This greatly reduces the cost of feed and feeding.

2.Product parameter(specification) of the pure chicken powder pig food

Main indicators of the pure chicken powder pig food:

The crude protein is 65 %, the coarse fat is greater than 13 %, the moisture is less than 8 %, the ash is less than 14 %, the digestibility is greater than 85 %.

Nutrition indicators of the pure chicken powder feed:

Crude protein 68.0%, crude fat 68.0% 7.0% or higher crude ash 8.0% or less moisture 12.0% or less lysine: 4.4% 4.8%

Methionine: 1.4% - 1.7% of the amino acids accounted for about 90% of the protein.

3.Product feature and application of the pure chicken powder feed


Wholesale animal protein powder feed has the following characteristics:

Strong aroma, strong food, good fit and high digestibility;

High energy, high protein;

Rich in vitamins and potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc and other micronutrients.

This product is suitable for dog food, cat food, fish grain, special breed feed and so on.

Alternative fish meal

Scope of application:

Aquatic products, special culture, livestock, poultry...

4.Product qualification of the wholesale animal protein powder feed


As one of the leading manufacturer and China feed supplier of aquatic products in China, pure international top international brands have been committed to the production of aquatic products and enjoy a high reputation since 1997.We can assure you of its excellent performance, high quality and low price.Before leaving our factory, our lab and China commodity inspection bureau will strictly inspect our products to ensure that our customers are satisfied with each batch of our goods.

5.Deliver,shipping and serving of the China feed supplier


1) Packaging: Solid product: Paper-plastic composite bag, 25kg/bag or as requirement

   Liquid product: 25kg/drum or 200 kg/drum or as requirement

2) Storage: Solid product: 12 months under 25℃ in cool and dry place.

Liquid product: 6 months under 25℃ in cool and dry place.

Avoid the high temperature and direct sunlight.After the package is opened, use early. The package should be sealed if it hasn’t been completely used.

3) Delivery date: 10-20 days after confirmed contract

4) Port of loading: Qingdao, China by sea or as requirement.One 20'GP can contain 10 -13 tons if bag packaging.

6. FAQ

Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

Answer: Yes, we are factory as high quality fish meal supplier

Q2: How to contact with us?

Click the "Contact US" And then send us message the product you interest in, you will get reply within 24 hours. 

Q3:Which kind of payment terms do you accept?

For small order,you can pay by T/T,Western Union or Paypal,normal order by T/T to our company account 

Q4:Can you give me a discount price?

Surely,It depend on your quantity

7.Latest News

We are the leading China feed supplier, wholesale animal protein powder feed, plant protein feed and other feed additives.After the fish powder, my company's pure chicken powder products are also popular in the domestic and foreign markets, hot selling Australia, Europe and the United States and southeast Asia and other regions.If you need to make your animals grow faster and healthier, please cooperate with us, we will provide high quality products and excellent service.

If you are interested in our Wholesale Pure Chicken Powder Animal Protein Powder Pig Food From China Feed Supplier, please be free to place an order with our factory. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. High-quality products, low and cheap price, and the best service can be assured.


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