Brine Shirmp Eggs

Brine Shirmp Eggs

Our company's brine insect eggs (brine insect eggs) have passed the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine of China pathological inspection and Quarantine Bureau and are free of virus. Our quality control standards ensure that the freshness and hatchability of our products meet our specifications

Product Details

1.Product introduction of the Brine shrimp eggs

The popular Golden sea brand Bohai bay Artemia cysts (brine shrimp) are available in all grades. These Bohai bay cysts are over-wintered, washed, dried, and tested under strict guidelines before categorizing into the different hatch rate categories. Average nauplii size at hatching is 440 microns. 

2.Product parameter of the Brine shrimp eggs

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein - 60%, Fat - 24%, Ash - 4.4%, Moisture - 8.5%

Hatch RateNauplii per gram

To: Incubation

It is necessary to execute a prior soak(1 hour)with clean freshwater before hatching.

1.Hatching tank: A cone-shaped tank works best for hatching, clean tank after hatching.

2.Solution:25-30ppt salinity sea water of artifical solution with same components.

3.PH: optimal medium 8-8.5 PH.

4.Density: Allow 1-1.5 grams of cysts per litre of solution.

5.Temperature: optimal temperature is 28 (for 24-28 hours)

6.Illumination: The recommended illumination is 2000 lux(no less than 1500 lux for 24 hours)

7.Aeration: Maintain aeration to keep all cysts in suspension throughout hatching period,oxyger saturation 2-3 milligrams per litre of solution.

8.Hatching time: Allow 24-26 hours for hatching.

Fish contains a variety of nutrients comprise animal tissue, maintain normal metabolism, growth and reproduction,improve the utilization rate and enhance animal disease resistance ability,it is irreplaceable protein.


4.Product feature and application of the Brine shrimp eggs

1. The history of the research and development of annual insects

In 1870's, human began to research and develop the annual insects, which has a history of more than 200 years. The first use of this insect in aquaculture began in the 1930s. In the 1950s-1960s, it was the first time to cultivate a variety of marine fry with the eggs of the rich year, which proved that the eggs of the rich year were also good bait for the fry. In recent years, the research on the abundant year insects is more and more extensive in the world. In 1989, the first International Symposium on salt field biology was held in Tanggu, China.

2. Reproduction characteristics of annual insects

The body color of the male is light yellow green or emerald green, the back of the female is blue, and the leaf foot is light yellow brown. It has the advantages of short life cycle, high reproduction ability and strong adaptability to bad environment. In spring, the environment is mild, and the larva mainly parthenogenesis. After the eggs are laid and mature, they can directly develop into nauplii and finally mature female. In autumn and winter, the environment is bad, and the male and female mate for sexual reproduction to produce dormant eggs (also known as winter eggs). Its dormant eggs can be preserved for a long time, and the larvae can be hatched at any time when necessary. The initial incubation only takes 18-30 hours.

3. The nutritional value of the annual worm

There are a large number of eggs in the nauplii, which are rich in protein and fat. The adult of the adult is also rich in protein, which is an excellent protein resource. The amino acids in different growth stages were basically the same, but the contents were different. There are 16 kinds of amino acids in the adult and egg of the adult, including 6 kinds of essential amino acids and 10 kinds of nonessential amino acids.

5.Trade Info

1.Port: Qingdao or Tianjin.
2.Payment terms: LC at sight, TT(30% deposit in advance, 70% balance against of the B/L copy).
3.Delivery: Within 2 weeks after received the receipt of advance payment.
4.Packaging: 25 or 50 kg per PP bag or according your demand.

6.Advantage of the Brine shrimp eggs

1.This is our Technology Laboratory where all of the Brine Shrimp Eggs are tested to be sure of the hatch rate.

2.They must meet or exceed specific quality standards before being put on the market. Every department of our operation is committed to excellence, from the selective harvesting of the Brine Shrimp Eggs on the  Bohai Bay, to the stringent laboratory testing of the eggs before processing, during and after processing, and again before shipping, to insure that our customers receive the high quality Artemia cysts they expect. 

3.Our processing facilities are clean and bacteria free. Testing of our facilities is done regularly by ENTRY-EXIT INSPECTION AND QUARANTINE OF THE CHINA of Animal Health Veterinarian. He takes product samples and tests them for bacteria and disease contaminants. He checks the facility for cleanliness and with these inspections he professionally attaches his signature to the Veterinary Certificate of Health that accompanies our overseas shipments worldwide.

4.Logistics--- TEL: 008651266700581

If you are interested in our Brine shirmp eggs in competitive price export out, please be free to place an order with our factory. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. High-quality products, low and cheap price, and the best service can be assured.

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Hot Tags: brine shirmp eggs, suppliers China, manufacturers, factory, low price, high-quality, cheap, best


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