corn gluten meal prices

- May 24, 2017-

 The market price of corn protein powder has been falling from the beginning of December 2016 to the beginning of April 2017.There has been a rally, but there has been no upward trend.In mid-april, the market price of corn protein powder stopped falling, and there was a long-lost rally.Not only did the price rise, but the deal was done.

  The increase in the market price of the corn protein powder was somewhat advanced in the early days of the market, mainly due to a change in business starts in early April.Because after entering April, corn prices strong upward, deep processing enterprise price losses amplifier, so some inventory large enterprises in shandong in April after feeding did the adjustment must be flexible, the yield reduction.Other companies, such as shandong and taian, also have about a week to stop and limit production.Deep processing enterprise in hebei are influenced by environmental limit production, some small and medium-sized enterprises downtime is almost close to a month time, xinji dimensions shrink has started to half of the enterprises, and large enterprises in hebei shijiazhuang failure nearly more than 10 days not normal to start production, the whole north China starts in early fall.Corn protein powder in corn processing productivity is only about 5%, the characteristic with work restrictions, corn protein powder market pressure be quick release.

  We PURETOP INTERNATIONAL GROUP hd already make a store of the corn gluten feed material ,at the bottom of the last year. so we have the advantages to offer customers the high quality corn gluten meal. 

As we ae factory , so we can offer you the quality bulk corn gluten meal with low price and recently we send out much . 

Some informations as follows:


2.Payment terms: LC at sight, TT(30% deposit in advance, 70% balance against of the B/L copy)
3.Delivery: Within 2 weeks after received the receipt of advance payment
4.Packaging: 25 or 50 kg per PP bag or according your demand


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