how to prepare a fish meal

- Aug 14, 2017-

Do you know how to prepare a fish meal ?What is the proportion of a healthy fish meal? Now , let's get more informations of the fish meal fertilizer.

First, the fish meal has a very rich protein, which write the protein animal consumption will increase the color of fur.So now more and more farms choose to use fish meal as feed additives.Second, the use of fish meal as a food feed is much more secure than other chemical synthetic products.Chemical synthesis in the synthesis will always be conducive to the growth of animal material, pure natural pollution is now pursuing a big idea.

Fish meal fertilizer is more and more widely used in production and living.After the fishmeal fermentation contains other additives, the content of phosphate fertilizer is higher. In addition, fishmeal and feces with stirring, the better result we get.Here is one thing if you need use fish meal fertilizer that is fish meal base mix.Fish meal 5-30%, base fertilizer 70-95%, effective flora 0.1-0.3%.The above mentioned fishmeal refers to the fish, shrimp, crab and other non-shellfish aquatic products dried and crushed after the powder, or fish meal produced in the process of fish juice, or fish juice and the powder any composition.


Fish meal aquaculture is also very fashionable, in the popular trend of contemporary aquatic products, feeding aquatic products can also be used fish meal.We are more and more edible seafood more than pork and other carnivores because the seafood is low and less nutrient-rich pollution.If you have the need for fishmeal purchase, please contact us on our network.