Large poultry farms need to be careful when storing fishmeal

- Aug 10, 2017-

To prevent fishmeal in the storage process of mildew, storing fishmeal must pay attention to three points:

1. Anti-flood tide fish meal and air for a long time, especially when the rain or air humidity is easy to appear back to the phenomenon. Therefore, the fishmeal should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, the container should have good moisture barrier performance. The general short-term storage can be sealed with plastic bags, long-term storage need to use glazed cylinder, tank sealed closed, as far as possible so that fishmeal is not in contact with the air.


2. Anti-high temperature fish meal contains a wealth of fish oil, encountered high temperatures, easily lead to bitter taste, and loss of nutritional value. Therefore, full of fishmeal in plastic bags or tanks, cans placed in the shade, can not let the sun direct. If the storage temperature is too high, should also take the appropriate method of cooling.

3. Anti-insect fish meal is easy to breed bonito insects, consumption of fish meal in the nutrients, reduce the quality of fish meal. The method of prevention and control is to keep the container of fishmeal and the surrounding environment.

Fish meal during storage, should always be checked. Once mildew, you can not continue to use, so as not to cause livestock poisoning.