Six considerations for aquaculture selection of feed

- Aug 21, 2017-

For the aquaculture industry, feed purchase has become a top priority. At present, a wide range of aquatic feed, different shapes, different density, different nutritional content, corresponding to different breeding species and breeding requirements. Only the quality of stable, comprehensive nutrition, suitable for their own breeding varieties in different time requirements and the price of the feed,and that is the feed which we need.


1, to choose a good reputation of the production of aquatic feed

Good reputation, large-scale enterprises have a relatively strong capital and technical strength, can guarantee the production of feed nutrition balance, formula science, and can be targeted, such as specifically for a variety of different design of the feed, highly targeted, good breeding effect.

2, to choose the packaging of feed labels on the aquatic feed

Feed labels are generally in the upper left corner of the feed packaging, above the name, nutrition, production, shelf life and other important content. At the time of purchase, please read the instructions on the label carefully.

3, to choose the appropriate size of the aquatic feed

In the purchase of aquatic feed, we must see the size . Aquatic feed from 0.5-8.0 mm of the size of the feed, were fed different types of aquatic products. General feed particle size, that should be aquaculture longitudinal length of 2/3. This will not cause waste, it will not affect the feeding. Not because the feed is corrupting the water quality, and that will not affect the growth of the breed.

4, to choose the feed particles uniform, consistent color, the appearance of smooth aquatic feed

This feed is balanced nutrition, fresh, good quality. Mildew or deterioration of the feed are generally blue and very uneven color, inconsistent; bonded together in the feed do not choose, so that some of the feed nutrients may have changed.

5, to choose a good stability of aquatic feed

In the purchase of aquatic feed, you can take some samples, soaked in water for some time to see how stable it is in the water, whether to meet the requirements of breeding species feeding.

6, to choose the normal smell of aquatic feed

 Aquatic feed due to the use of some fish meal, generally have a very normal fish smell, smell more pleasant. Poor feed, the general use of fish meal substitutes, fish smell is relatively light, or simply no. Some feed may be a musty or "hai", this feed can not be purchased, because this feed has been deteriorated, after use may cause a large area of breeding species of death.