The application of NON GMO corn gluten meal in animal feed

- Jun 16, 2017-

 The application of NON-GMO corn gluten meal in animal feed

 NON GMO corn gluten meal in animal feed  , corn protein powder application in livestock and poultry feed Corn protein powder is used as feed protein source corn protein powder protein content high, contains rich amino acids, available in the market for bean cake, the shortage of fish meal feed instead of bean cake, fish and other protein feed.The egg chicken, which is mainly corn protein powder, can increase the egg rate by about 15%.In order to improve the quality of egg protein, we can prevent and cure chicken cartilage and other diseases.

The protien level of the animal feed corn protein powder is directly related to the apparent digestion which  can value with pigs, suitable proportion of energy and protein and essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids, the balance of the raw materials have higher energy digestibility and protein content is added on the basis of pig feed different corn protein powder in Beijing, tian increase 20%, 25% and 30%, respectively, for determining the pig can digest, the test results show that 32% crude protein content of poultry feed  corn gluten meal can apparent digestion is higher, the reason may be that the proportion of energy and protein is good.

  In the dairy industry, corn  protein powder for animals  is used as a feed to make it easier to digest the protein in the small intestine.Corn protein powder contains linoleic acid, which promotes the fat metabolism of chicken and promotes the polymerization of essential amino acids.

Corn protein powder increases the color of the chicken

  Although the chicken skin of chromaticity has nothing to do with its nutritional value, but because of the influence of traditional culture, the broad masses of consumers and producers will chicken goods the chromaticity as one of the main indicators of quality of chicken products, directly affect the price of poultry market and demand.

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  Chicken itself cannot synthesize lutein, can only be obtained from the feed, now in order to get the ideal, though generally was added in the poultry feed and beautiful element such as red, beautiful, yellow chemical synthetic colorants, such colorants price is higher, after adding increase feed costs, and residual in animal body.Corn protein powder lutein content as high as 90-180 mg/kg, is five times bigger than the yellow corn, can effectively absorb, can make eggs are golden, can make skin yellow chicken.The price of corn protein powder with bean cake price close, in view of this, alternative corn protein powder added ashanti acid chemical synthetic colorants to raise chicken with colour.

2.5% in treatment group was added in the diet of  animal feed corn protein powder and 90 mg/kg of ashanti acid, added in the diet with colorants in the control group of 100 mg/kg and beautiful red, does not add any coloring in blank control group, the experimental group, colorants in the control group - colored level significantly higher than that of blank control group, experimental group and the colorant plastic colored level increase is not significant difference between control group and experimental group of chicken leg appears as dark yellow color, appearance accord with people's consumption habits.From the effects of slaughtering of chicken and chicken, the effect of the addition of  animal feed corn gluten meal  was significantly higher than that of the control group.Of natural lutein in feed colouring effect is a little difference than chemical synthetic colorants effect, but with the addition of acid, o promote the body metabolism, improve deposition rate of lutein in feed utilization, thus changed the chromaticity, chicken skin effect is obvious.