The Fish Meal, offering nutritional value

- Apr 27, 2017-

Brine shrimp is one of the best live bait for fish worldwide, have been attracted attention widespread. Brine shrimp contains rich protein and fat, it is an excellent bait for fish, shrimp and crab larva .Reported that more than 85% of the aquaculture animals use brine shrimp as the source of the bait.



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These are the popular Great Salt Lake Artemia cysts (brine shrimp). These GSL cysts are over-wintered, washed, dried, and tested under strict guidelines before categorizing into the different hatch rate categories. Average nauplii size at hatching is 440 microns. 

These eggs are fresh and come packaged in a resealable stand-up pouch for convenient use. To achieve optimal hatching conditions keep the hatching tank at a temperature of 77-86°f and pH at 7.5-8.5, with a salinity of 25-35ppt. 

For best results store cysts in a dry place below 40°f.

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