the production of the fish meal

- Jun 07, 2017-

    The wet method all-fish-powder production line is the advanced production technology and technology imported from abroad in the late 1980s.After two decades of application, transformation and improvement, we have developed our unique equipment, technology and technology. 

   The process of raw fish from cooking, pressing, drying, and solid-liquid water separation is basically an automatic assembly line control.A complete set of production line consists of raw material conveying system, spiral cooking machine, twin-screw press, fish meal, recycling machine, tube plate dryer, fish oil recovery system, water enrichment of protein



   It is composed of eleven parts, such as the system of deodorization, electric control system, boiler and auxiliary equipment.It can be processed with almost all kinds of fish that can be caught, and efficiently obtained quality degreased fish and fish oil.The whole fish flour production system has a distinct advantage compared with the original dry processing fish meal  powder,bulk fish meal for sale .

  1, wet fish meal system production of fish meal quality greatly improved, the shelf life of   feed grade fish meal for animal feed poultry feed   at the same time, to avoid the finished products of fish meal is easy to produce fever, fever adverse consequences. 

Energy consumption is reduced, and the actual consumption of fish meal per ton is only 60% of the original dry processing. 

The production system produces fish oil at the same time as the fish powder is produced, and the economic benefit is greatly increased. 

This system is capable of processing power, the complete set of equipment is small, the structure is compact, can realize the high degree of automation. 

   In order to realize automatic continuous production, the management personnel and operators are reducing the production cost further. 

   With the enrichment system, we can not only improve the revenue, but also solve the problem of environmental pollution.

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