The United Nations food and agriculture organization recommends-- blood powder feed

- Jul 20, 2017-

With the rapid development of the breeding industry and the soaring price of feed raw materials, the cost of feed has been greatly increased, and the economic benefit of the farmers has been affected.High quality protein feed fish flour is expensive, and the high quality protein feed soybean meal is relatively high.Therefore, it is necessary to find substitutes for animal protein to improve the economic benefits of pig farming and feed mills.


With the development of intensive farming in our country, the animal blood resources are also becoming more abundant.At present, the total amount of animal blood in our country exceeds 2 million tons, and the content of protein is greater than 17%, but the utilization rate is very low.Fermentation, spray drying, use of modern technology, enzyme treatment, etc., can eliminate the peculiar smell, improve palatability, and nutrient content more comprehensive, balanced, is a kind of high quality protein feed.The United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao) in the recommended report no. 32 of the development and utilization of blood meal, blood meal and fish meal, soybean meal, etc to do a more detailed comparison (see table 1) comparison results show that the blood meal protein content was the highest.Lysine is 2.5 times larger than soy and 1.3 times the fish.The content of threonine is higher than that of fish flour, which is 1.8 times higher than soybean meal.Blood meal, on the other hand, the special nutritional value is associated with high iron, blood containing iron content is higher than all the other existing product, and the blood iron absorption rate is very high, because the blood pigment dyeing - heme iron and the combination of the heme iron absorption rate is higher than in the form of iron compounds in the body.


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