Why is fish feed with 30% protein the best choose

- Jun 13, 2017-

Aquatic animals have higher nutrient requirements for protein and amino acids than terrestrial animals, which are formed by aquatic animals in long-term biological evolution and adaptation to the ecological environment. The products of photosynthesis in natural waters are very limited and aquatic. Animals are mainly the choice of protein and amino acid content of food, the body of the material and energy metabolism system is also mainly adapted to the protein, amino acids, fatty substances.


In the actual production for aquatic animal protein and amino acid needs to meet the main consideration of two aspects, one of the protein is the total amount of amino acid demand and supply, generally in the range of 25-40%; the second is on the protein and amino acids Of the quality of the demand and supply, including the amount of feed can be digested or the use of protein, the number of essential amino acids and the balance of the model. The number of satisfaction is easier, and the quality of the protection is very difficult. For feed production enterprises, the main difficulty in the preparation of aquatic animal compound feed is how to protect the amino acid quality of the compound feed, and adjust the feed formula according to the change of the feed material, the change of the breeding season and the change of the breeding type. Is the main difficulty of the recipe technology.

Fish feed which  in the protein content  too high is also not good.Some experts have done experiments, when 40% or less is indeed the higher the protein content of the fish grow as soon as possible, but more than 40% after the effect but decreased, so the fish feed opal content which between 25% to 40%  is more appropriate.

If you are choosing fish feed,you can refer to this article.We hope this will help you .