Anatomical Microscope And Microscope Examination

- Apr 19, 2017-

Under the anatomical microscope, the sample can be enlarged by 20-30 times, and the microscope can be amplified if necessary. Fish meal is yellow-tan or yellowish-brown light material, according to fish, fish bones and scales of characteristics can be identified.

Fish under the surface of rough, with fiber structure, similar to meat, only light color. Fish bones are translucent to opaque silver, and some fish bones are amber and irregular. The scale is flat or curved transparent, has the same circle, the color shade alternately, the scale surface breaks, the crack milky white.

Fish meal of rapeseed meal

Fish meal with rapeseed meal under the microscope to see the seed coat, its seed skin characteristics of brown and thin, the outer surface of the cellular mesh, shiny surface, the inner surface has a soft translucent white sheet adhesion. Rapeseed meal seed coat and seed kernel fragments are not linked together, the seeds are pale yellow, irregular shape, no luster.

fishmeal with cotton kernel cake

Fish meal mixed with cotton benevolence cake in the mirror visible cotton fiber adhesion on the shell and cake granules, cotton fiber is white filament, hollow, flat, curly, translucent, shiny, cottonseed shell debris is brown or reddish brown, thicker. There are pale yellow or tan colored layers along its edges, with a ladder-like surface. The Cottonseed kernel fragment is yellow or tan, containing many rounded black or reddish brown oil glands or gossypol-colored glands.