Animal Feed

- Apr 19, 2017-

Animal feed refers to various insects, fish and shrimp, such as live feeds, as well, eggs, meat and fishmeal, Silkworm chrysalis powder, fly maggot powder, milk powder and so on.


Commonly used insects have skin worms (also known as large, large bag moth, hanging ghost, debt avoidance moth), a variety of locust insects (fly locusts, rice locust, bamboo locust, cane locust and cotton locust, the body resembles the locust (clam manganese), Meng crab, moth larva, corn borer, ancylostomiasis ascariasis ancylostomiasis ascariasis, cricket, oil gourd, moth gu, cicada, spiders and other nutritious fresh bait.

Insects are rich in various nutrients, and it is beneficial to the absorption and utilization of birds. Therefore, feeding egg rice must be fed with the right amount of worms, shredded pork and so on. Artificial feeding insects should be as much as possible to provide live insect as fodder, mainly bread worms, oil gourd, cricket and so on. Birds of the esophagus and neck of the same length, some birds at the base of the neck of the esophagus dilated into crop, is temporary storage of food. The crop of cereal birds (songbirds, wax-mouthed finches) are developed, while the crop of carnivorous birds and predatory birds are small or disappear (such as red dot collar, blue dot cheek, Boehlau). Crop will secrete a liquid softening food, some birds in the pouch can be made into the brood, such as "Pigeon milk" feeding young pigeons; the goose has softened the fish in the pouch