Corn Protein Powder Improves Broiler Coloring

- Jun 01, 2017-

    Although the color of broiler epidermis has nothing to do with its nutritional value, but by the impact of traditional culture, the vast number of consumers and keepers will be broiler commodity color as a measure of broiler product quality one of the main indicators, a direct impact on broiler market prices And demand.

    Broiler can not synthesize their own lutein, can only be obtained from the feed, the current in order to get the ideal skin color, usually in the broiler feed add lycopene red, plus lutein yellow and other chemical synthetic colorants, such colorants The higher the price, increase the cost of feed after the addition, and remain in the livestock and poultry body. Corn protein powder lutein content of up to 90-180mg / kg, yellow corn is more than 5 times, can be effectively absorbed, can make the eggs were golden yellow, can make chicken skin was yellow [3].  Yellow corn gluten meal prices are close to the price of soybean cake, in view of this, corn protein powder can be used to replace the synthetic acid colorants to improve the color of broiler.


    Fu Weilin reported that in the test group diets were added 2.5% corn gluten meal and 90 mg / kg of arsanic acid, the colorant control group diet added 100 mg / kg plus lily red, blank control The color of the test group and the colorant control group were significantly higher than that of the blank control group. There was no significant difference in the color color between the experimental group and the colorant control group. Shapes appear deep yellow, the appearance of people's consumption habits. From the effect of slaughtering broiler, the effect of adding corn gluten meal and the effect of adding listerin red was close to that of the control group. The coloring effect of natural lutein in feed was better than that of chemical synthesis The effect is slightly worse, but by adding arsanic acid, promote the body metabolism, improve the utilization of lutein in the feed deposition rate, thus changing the color of the chicken epidermis, the effect is obvious.