Domestic Type

- Apr 19, 2017-

1. Skim vapor fishmeal:

The production process of skim fishmeal is processed by cooking, pressing, solid-liquid separation, oil-water separation, drying, cooling, screening, crushing and other processes. Its production of fishmeal protein between 62%-70%, VBN usually ≤ 120, acid price generally between 2-7, pepsin digestion rate in 90%-97%, salt 1-3.

2. Semi Skim fishmeal:

The production process of semi-degreasing fishmeal and the production process of skim fishmeal are the same as the general steps, are after cooking, crushing, oil-water separation, a drying, two times drying, the different is half-skim fishmeal after the separation of water, will be separated from the waters (containing salt, impurities, fats and fine fish meal granules are injected into a drying tanks, dried together with fish meal, increased the powder rate of fishmeal, reduced the loss of muscle tissue resulting from the decay of the body's small and non-fresh fish. Fish meal color due to the prolonged drying time, back spray is not timely and back spray with some of the squeeze after the fishes and moisture, so lead to VBN (General 150-250), the high rate of amino acid and fish meal slightly reddish brown, the character is thinner, protein is generally between 60%-66%, acid price relative to skim fishmeal high, pepsin digestion rate between 80-90, salt between 4.5-5.5. The smell of semi-skim fishmeal and skim fishmeal varies considerably, with a slight rancidity. Semi-skim costs are much lower than skim.