Fish Meal In China Is Approved By Domestic Feed Enterprises And A Lot Of Procurement

- Jul 20, 2017-

As is known to all, Peruvian fish meal has been occupying the market share of China's fishmeal market.Also, Peruvian fish powder has a high voice in the world.As a result, the annual weather in Peru, the quota has become the focus of the fishmeal market hype.Because Peruvian fishmeal factory has the advantage of resources, the Peruvian fishmeal factory is always on the side of profit.However, in recent years, the price fluctuation of fish meal has become more and more intense. In this case, we have a lot of pressure on our aquaculture enterprises and livestock factories.

So China's aquaculture plants will focus on high quality fish meal in China, and some of the feed mills also form a relatively good strategic partnership with domestic fishmeal factories.Some Chinese feed manufacturers think.With the gradual integration of China fishpowder factory.It is believed that the future domestic fishmeal market will be a counterweight to the Peruvian fish meal.


According to our understanding, the annual production of domestic fishmeal is basically the same as the consumption of imported fish flour. From this number, domestic fish powder is capable of competing with imported fish powder.In recent years, with the production process of domestic fish flour factory, the machine equipment, the way of operation and so on, the high quality Chinese fish meal has become very competitive in the international market.Domestic animal husbandry enterprises, especially large livestock farming enterprises, are increasingly accepting and accepting the domestic fish meal.The domestic large-scale aquatic products enterprise and the livestock enterprise adopt domestic fishmeal to import fish meal to combine the buying method, purchase domestic fish meal to occupy a large proportion.This has to do with our domestic fishmeal enterprises to start to work hard, rapid development.We believe that in the near future, our domestic fishmeal factory will be bigger and bigger.Perhaps one day, to be able to stand in a new height, with Peruvian fishmeal.

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However, there is no denying that the international fishmeal market is still a mixed bag, with some inferior and fake fish powder disrupting the market.It is recommended that fishmeal purchasing friends should not be blindly greedy for cheap prices, and try to make more than a few of them when buying fish flour, and choose as much as possible for large fishmeal production plants and suppliers to cooperate.

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