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- May 15, 2017-

The lasted fish meal price from bulk fish meal supplier

 The latest price of bulk fish meal in china mainland market : shandong rongcheng protein 63-64 150 semi-skimmed domestic fish meal reference price 1385usd/ton.Shandong shidao semi-skimmed 63/150 part of domestic fish meal price is 1385usd /ton.Zhejiang region, some manufacturers around 63/130 semi-skimmed domestic fish meal reference price 1314usd/ton;64/130 semi-skimmed domestic fish meal reference price is in 1414 usd/ton 

  We PURETOP INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO.,LTD as a professional bulk fish meal supplier . we can offer you the high quality and low price . as we are factory and we have many years experience in exporting our fish meal powder . Fob price is about 680-1000usd/ton , this kind if our fish meal can offer to the every market in the world. we prepare with the 999 bags and it sells well in the European market.

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  Pure Top Group Co.,Limited opened business with a new fish by-products processing facility in January of 1997,located in the north of Shandong province of china. Its purpose is to produce top-grade fishmeals for use in the aquaculture and livestock feed markets as well as the agriculture business. The facility consists of 22,518 square feet and is capable of processing over 200 metric tons of fish per day. We have the advantage to compete any biology feed suppliers in China, such as the premium quality and best price, imported the processing technology and equipment from U.S.A, good management and knight services. We ship to destinations worldwide using the most cost-effective means possible and provide all documents required for importation into foreign countries.Please contact us for our current price list and additional information regarding our products and services. Welcome you to visit our feed factory and have a long terms business with us. 


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