Fishmeal Mixed With Peanut Cake Meal

- Apr 19, 2017-

fishmeal mixed with peanut cake meal

Fish meal mixed with peanut cake meal under the microscope can be visible peanut shell and seed skins, shell for crushing, irregular, thickness of different flake, layered. The inner layer is white spongy, with fiber interwoven, the outer surface of the sudden reinforcement is reticular, the Testa is red, pink, dark purple or brownish yellow.

Fish meal blended with sesame cake

Fish meal mixed with sesame cake under the microscope visible sesame seeds, sesame seeds thin, surface with small circular protuberance, black, brown or tan, because of varieties.

Fishmeal of soybean flour blended

Bean skin, yellow or pale yellow lumps are visible in the soybean meal by mixing with soy powder. Bean skin have concave spots, slightly curly, and visible hilum. In the mirror, the white sponge-like starch floats on the surface of the block.