How To Choose The Right Feed For Aquaculture

- Aug 23, 2017-

How does aquaculture choose feed? In the aquaculture of feed sources are mainly natural bait and artificial feed, these feed reasonable and scientific with the feeding of fish,that can effectively promote the growth of fish, and today we come together to understand the method of aquaculture selection of feed :


The choice of aquatic feed species: from the shape can be divided into powder feed, soft pellet feed, hard pellet feed and puffed feed. From the use of said, there are carp material, shrimp material, a fish and other fish. In order to choose a large number of aquatic feed in the quality and cheap,and to be sure what kind of material, 'fish on the material'. If you are raising a crucian carp, it is necessary to buy carp material, can not use other materials instead, but also to see is the broth or fish into the fish material.

1, the appearance of choice. From the appearance of the feed can determine the quality of the pros and cons, from the smell of feed can also identify the quality of good or bad. From the smell on the identification of good feed, especially aquatic feed, due to the use of some fish meal, generally have a normal fish smell, smell more pleasant. If it is relatively poor feed, because it uses some fish meal substitutes, this fish smell is relatively light, or simply no. Another bad feed may be a musty or 'hai', which is actually the taste of fat after the oxidation, the feed should not be fed, because the feed once fed, it may cause fish Of the large area of death.

2, the stability of choice. In the purchase of aquatic feed, you may wish to take a little, put in the water soak for some time to see how stable its stability in the water, through the stability can also see the feed is good or bad.

3, the credibility of choice. To select the reputable, large-scale enterprises produced by the feed products, they have a relatively strong capital and technical strength, can guarantee the production of feed nutrition balance, formula science, and can be targeted, such as specifically for carp design feed , There are specifically designed for grass carp feed, so highly targeted.

4, packaging options. Do not ignore the labels on feed packaging when buying aquatic feed. Feed labels are generally in the upper left corner of the feed packaging, respectively, marked the name, nutrition, production, shelf life and other important content, especially the use of instructions. So when you have to read carefully.

5, particle size selection. There is doubt to consult the dealer clearly, to avoid the loss caused by improper use. Particular emphasis is on the purchase of aquatic feed, we must see the size of the size. Aquatic feed from 0.5-8.0 mm of the size of the feed, were fed different mouth water products. Basically the diameter of the feed should be 2/3 of the longitudinal length of the aquatic product. Take the head of the bream, if the longitudinal length of the mouth is 9 mm, it is suitable for feeding feeds with a diameter of 6 mm, so that will not cause waste, it will not affect the feeding. To judge the quality of aquatic feed; have to look at how the appearance.

6, color selection from the color aspects of identification of good feed: there should be a relatively bright luster and color is the same, this is the choice of feed the first sensory indicators.

7, can not choose to occur mildew or deterioration of the feed. Mildew or deterioration of the feed are generally blue and very uneven color, inconsistent, this feed will not choose. In particular, the preservation process, because the southern weather is relatively humid, it is easy to mold, so this time the choice of feed must be careful, like this metamorphic feed generally do not choose. In addition to not choose moldy feed, the bond together in the feed do not choose, because of humidity and so on, making the feed sticking, bonding some nutrients may occur after some changes.

Now a wide range of aquatic feed on the market, and the advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of appropriate, high-quality aquatic feed is aquaculture work is very important work, but also access to aquaculture benefits.