How To Indenfity The Real Veterinary Drug

- Jun 20, 2017-

1. Check whether belong to the state to ban the use of or eliminate veterinary drugs, such as is opropyl adrenaline drugs. Countries ban the use of veterinary medicine, berberine hydrochloride injection, chloramphenicol injection, virus ling injection, 2% or 4% amidopyrine injection are eliminated veterinary drugs.

2. Check whether the veterinary drug labels indicate the word "veterinary", and include directions for use: according to the rules on the label or instructions must note have registered trademark, veterinary medicine name, specification, company name, product batch number and approval number, ingredient, content, function, purpose, usage, dosage, validity, and matters needing attention, etc.

3. Check the product approval number: first, take the product without approval number, and then see the approval number is correct, then see if approval number in the period of validity, if not in the period of validity is the counterfeit drugs, specific see if production date marked a year of the document of approval for more than years and 5 years.

Check for GMP certification: no certified fake veterinary drugs.

The expiration date of the veterinary drug product: a bad drug that exceeds the expiration date.

Look for the appearance of the injection: the injection should be uniform and clear. The powder should not be lumped and deliquescent.

Check for the quality inspection certificate of veterinary products: no certificate of quality shall not be made out of the factory, and the business unit may not be sold.

The appearance of the tablets and dispersants: if the discoloration, mildew, loose, adhesion etc., indicates that the tablet has deteriorated, it is not allowed to use.The dispersant should be dry, loose, mixed and uniform, and the colour and lustre are consistent, if the description of the dampness, the deliquescence or the discoloration of the moisture is not to be used.