Impression Of Perception

- Apr 19, 2017-

1. Vision: high-quality fish meal in general color consistent, red-brown, yellow-brown or tan. Fineness evenly. Inferior fish meal is pale yellow, green white or dark brown. Fineness and uniformity are poor. Adulterated fishmeal is yellow-white or red-yellow, fineness and evenness are poor. The color of fishmeal mixed with weathered soils is yellow. If the fish meal moisture protein denaturation In addition to caking, the general color white or hair ash, smell thick, matte. If the color deep black, Jiao Wei may be spontaneous combustion charred fishmeal.

2. Smell: High-quality fishmeal with salty fishy smell; bad fish, rotten or Khara khorum flavor; adulterated fishmeal has a pale fishy smell, grease or ammonia flavor. If the quantity of adulteration is more or more easily distinguishable. mixed with cotton kernel meal and rapeseed meal fishmeal, cotton kernel meal and rapeseed meal flavor, mixed with urea fishmeal, slightly ammonia flavor.

3. Tactile: high-quality fish meal hand-twist texture is soft, minced fish-like, no sand grains; poor quality fish meal and adulterated fishmeal all due to the lack of muscle fiber content, feel the quality of the hard, rough grinding hands.