Main Use

- Apr 19, 2017-

Livestock feeds are used in animal feeds such as pigs and chickens, which require high-quality proteins, especially young pigs and chickens. Because young animals are in strong growth period, the demand for proteins and the proportion of amino acids in protein, fish meal as animal protein, the amino acids in the proportion of the animal needs the closest amino acids.

Aquatic animal feeds are used for the main ingredients of feed proteins such as fish, crab, shrimp and other aquatic animals. Fish meal is closest to the amino acid proportion needed for aquatic animals, adding fishmeal can ensure that aquatic animals grow faster.

Fur animal feed used in some fur animals such as foxes, raccoon, and so on, fur animals are mostly carnivorous, growing demand for proteins, high-quality fishmeal as a protein raw material is the first choice for these animal feed ingredients.