- Apr 19, 2017-

Feeding live animal feeds to remove the foot or thorns that may stab the digestive tract, the cicada needs to cut the feed. Because carnivores and carnivorous birds like to eat Wood, it is best to use their hands to feed or look at the side, and to give voice signals, this is conducive to Shang and tuning; such as larger insects, calcium-containing squid fish bones can also be inserted in the cage, let the Birds Peck.

In addition, earthworms, maggot and silkworm Chrysalis are also a nutrient-rich worker of the uniform zhi-fed bird feed. Maggot is called common there are two kinds, one is the body length 10~15 cm, is purple red maggot bow, the other is a body length 15~25 cm, is gray cyan maggot called, birds are used to feed the red maggot called; maggot is a good feed of birds, can be fed directly or segmented; The maggot is best used in boiling water after the death of feeding, lest its escape infestation, and because of its peculiar smell, some birds have to undergo one weeks after the habit is willing to feed. Common Silkworm Chrysalis, Tussah Pupa, Zhang Chrysalis, Castor Silkworm Chrysalis, such as Silkworm Chrysalis can be directly fed fresh complete individual, but also can be skimmed into silkworm chrysalis powder feed.