Nutritional Value Of China Fish Meal

- May 27, 2017-

   Nutrition characteristics of fish meal bulk fish meal for sale :The nutrition characteristics of fish meal depands on  fish meal production of bulk fish meal of raw materials and processing technology.

High biological value: high quality imported fish meal protein content over 60%, some as high as 70%;Domestic high-quality fish meal protein up to 55%.Various high amino acid content and balanced, so its biological value is high, is a balanced diet of high quality animal feed poultry. we Pure top international group can offer you the righ fish meal, we are the profeesional fish meal manufacture in china.


  Higher energy: fish meal contains high fat, imported  bulk fish meal fat accounts for about 10%;Domestic fishmeal standard is 10% to 14%, but some as high as 15% - 20%.Therefore, the metabolism of fish meal to chicken, usually in the 11.7-12.55 million kilojoules/kg.But the easy oxidation of fat, often cause with fat oxidation and the lack of vitamin A and vitamin E, and fat oxidation to heat up, is one of the causes of fish meal spontaneous combustion.we PURE TOP high quality fish meal for sale is the best of the energy.


  A high content of trace elements:High protein  fish mealfor animal feed  contains six kinds of trace elements which chickens usually use, especially the highest content of zinc and selenium.According to the analysis, per kilogram of 97.5 151 mg sea fish meal containing zinc, tuna fish powder as high as 213 mg, freshwater fish meal is 60 mg;1.5 2.2 mg/kg sea fish meal containing selenium, tuna powder up to 4-6 mg.Rich in B vitamins, especially rich in choline and vitamin B2.According to the analysis, per kilogram of Peruvian fishmeal contain vitamin B27.1 mg, 9.5 mg pantothenic acid, vitamin H390 micrograms, 0.22 mg folic acid, choline, 3978 mg, 68.8 mg niacin, vitamin B12110 micrograms.Contain unknown growth factor: the accurate composition has not been purified, so undecided, but its effect on promoting growth is recognized, and for sure.


 High digestion rate: chicken for fish meal protein and fat digestion rate of 91% 93% and 78% 91% respectively

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