Organic Weight Gain Corn Flour

- Sep 05, 2017-

    Feed grade corn flour silty fine, more conducive to poultry similar to pigs, cattle, sheep intestinal nutrition absorption.Corn flour is also very good for the human body, let alone used to keep poultry.Corn flour is rich in nutrients. In recent years, in the United States and some other developed countries, corn has been listed as the first health food in cereals, known as the "golden crop". The study found that corn contains a lot of lecithin, linoleic acid, cereal alcohol, vitamin E, cellulose, etc., with lower blood pressure, blood fat, anti-atherosclerosis, prevention of colorectal cancer, beauty beauty, anti-aging and other health effects .


    Ingredients with 100 grams of corn flour containing energy 339 kcal; vitamin B60.08 mg; protein 8.5 g; fat 1.5 g; niacin 0.08 mg; carbohydrate 78.4 g; dietary fiber 5.5 g; vitamin A7 micrograms; carotene 40 micrograms; Thiamine 0.07 mg; riboflavin 0.04 mg; vitamin E 0.98 mg; calcium 22 mg; phosphorus 196 mg; potassium 249 mg; sodium 2.3 mg; magnesium 84 mg; iron 0.4 mg; zinc 0.08 mg; selenium 2.68 micrograms, Copper 0.01 mg, manganese 0.02 mg.Feed-grade corn flour in the rich dietary fiber, can promote bowel movements, shorten the time through the digestive tract of food, reduce the absorption of toxic substances and carcinogenic substances on the colon irritation, which can reduce the incidence of colon cancer.

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