Physical Examination

- Apr 19, 2017-

Test of mixing urea in fishmeal

Some imported and homemade fishmeal were added to urea to improve the protein content of laboratory results, posing as high-grade fishmeal. Identification method can burn test: The 20 grams of fishmeal on the clean Iron tablets, heated by electric stove to 70 ℃, such as emitting a pungent ammonia flavor is likely to be mixed with urea.

Test of flour meal with bran, peanut shell powder and rice husk powder

Take 10 grams of fishmeal samples, put in 100 ml glass beaker, add 5 times times the water, fully stirred, after the static 10-15 minutes, bran, peanut shell powder, rice husk powder due to light weight, floating on the water.

Test of mixing sand in fishmeal

The sample of 10 grams of fishmeal is placed in 100 ml beaker, add 5 times times the water, fully stirred after the static 10-15 minutes, fishmeal and sand sink into the bottom, then gently stir, fish meal is floating up, with the flow rotation and rotating, and the sand proportion of large, slightly rotating to sink into the bottom, now can observe the existence of sand.