The Origin Of Fish Meal Production And The Nutritional Characteristics Of High Quality Fish Meal

- Jul 08, 2017-

From the very beginning, people in the fishing area began to eat fish meal for poultry. According to records, with high quality fish meal to do food in the Far East region and the Roman Empire has been very popular. From 1 876 onwards, the Norwegian joined the high quality fish meal when making bread. During the Second World War, Germany produced high quality fish meal and used high quality fish meal to replace eggs when baking bread.

Nutritional characteristics:

1, the effective value of fish meal for poultry does not contain cellulose and other difficult to digest the material, crude fat content is high, the effective value of fish meal for poultry is high, the fish meal production as raw material is easy to dubbed high-energy feed.

2, vitamin fish meal cost price rich in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, B2 content is high, also contains vitamin A, D and vitamin E and other fat-soluble vitamins.

3, Fish meal supplier provide mineral fish meal production is a good source of minerals with fish meal cost price, calcium, phosphorus content is high, and the proportion of appropriate, all phosphorus is available phosphorus. Fish selenium content is high, up to 2mg / kg or more. In addition, fish meal production iodine, zinc, iron, selenium content is also high, and contains the right amount of arsenic.

4, Unknown growth factor fish meal production contains growth factor unknown, this material has not yet purified into a compound, this material can stimulate the growth and development of animals.